Orchid Spa

Family and Children

The mountain is increasingly gaining the sympathy of the small both in winter to experience the unique fun of the snow and the Summer to try many activities of exploration, movement, manipulation and imagination that nature of these places naturally offers.
The Club Hotel provides three areas for younger guests, a room decorated with colored construction toys, enjoying design, manipulation, imitation, board games and soft cuddly toys with which to pamper yourself.
The Park Birches in which to grapple with football games, table tennis, volleyball, beach tennis, bowls lawn, the molds and sand, and fun in the most exciting climb up the castle towers and bridges between climbing walls, sliding on the tail of the otter or swinging freely on a wooden horse.
The House in the Woods, in Summer, to introduce you to the secrets of nature: the animals from squirrels to birds, roe deer and foxes, the insects, the life of the trees and plants, the scents of the forest and mountain short stories tales full of curiosity.

Other activities:
» Horseriding
» Trekking in the valleys and meadows
» Afternoon at the Farm: learn about the world of the Bees and Honey, how to make a cheese, farm’s life: rabbits, geese and chickens
» Laboratory Food: Pizza and Cookies let’s become Small Great Chefs!
» Cycling: emotions on two wheels along the bike path from Ovindoli to Rocca di Mezzo

The Birches Park: Nature for the whole Family
The Park Birches, in front of the Hotel, is a green area to enjoy different sports on artificial turf - football, tennis and volleyball-, with the possibility in the evening, table tennis and table football, skating rink.
Close to field a comfortable dressing room with hot showers, bathrooms and a pleasant corner kiosk to cool off with drinks, smoothies, juices and centrifuge or fun appetizers. In the summer we also organize thematic evenings: from music to meetings with the author or the thrill of knowing enterprises of our mountain people of Abruzzo the highest peaks of the world, find out how to leave stress through massage experience and exercise with relaxation and breathing movements.

Another important space within the park, is dedicated to children and their endless desire to play with wooden castles to climb with ladders, ropes and bridges, hiding imagining to be knights and princesses, surrender to slide more fun on the long and winding tail of the otter. And yet the pleasure of rocking slowly on the wooden horses or in company, choose to draw or play a card game or have a small snack in the shade of the gazebo.

Small flower beds and special angles are dedicated to the care of plants, trees and flowers typical of the mountain to observe, know and smell with their intense perfumes.