Orchid Spa

Spa & Well-Being

Water Heat Fitness

Welcome to the Orchid Spa & Wellness Center from the idea to masterpiece: 400m2 of Water and Heat

The spaces and furnishings are inspired by the Orchid Spa in designing and manufacturing a full synergy with nature characteristic of Sirente Velino Park to live deeply all the sensations of well-being, harmony and relaxation that the center can offer its guests. From the stones carefully chosen to recreate a natural environment with mosaics with the soothing colors of the pools, changing the stones of the river to get excited during the dives, the wood of pleasing shades that adorn the walls and furniture in all the rooms of the center. The spectacular stained-glass window on the jardin d'hiver constantly introduces a wave of light that the waters amplify light reflecting on the large ceiling of the center while the green and the many mountain flowers that cover the outside give a healthy balm to our eyes. The fitness room fitted out with equipment Panatta strictly for lovers of sport and dynamism before taking it easy in the halls of heat and hydrotherapy pools. Treatments and Massages are offered with specialized wellness cosmetic line “PEVONIA, ORGANIQUE” and - custom of the center - based Alpine Orchid a and other plants and flower essences mountain.
Your ideal destination for a holiday in the Wellness and Vitality in every season.

We are waiting !
Spa Manager Fabiola Bucci

Spa & Well-Being


In the Orchid SPA plunge in an oasis of pure relaxation giving you a complete break of harmony and psychophysical well-being. We suggest you begin your journey by relaxing a few minutes in the Himalayan sauna to prepare through the heat to a built-in massage hydrotherapy pools. Wrap up again by the warmth of steam rooms and the lively waters of showers and tone your body in the river. Finally, the deeper abandon sipping herbal tea lying comfortably on the chaise-longue.

Piscine Relax

Spa Pools 34°

Enjoy the natural pleasures of a long, warm soak in our spa pool, where sensual, soothing jets, cromotherapy and soft bubbles add to your enjoyment. Two angles dedicated with chaise-longue for relaxing in warm water enriched with salt.

Piscina Fiume

Indoor River Pool 30°

Swim and play with the water upstream of a river, to lash the body and revitalize the mind and be massaged neck and shoulders with waterfalls that flow from the columns.

Percorso Kneipp


Bath for an invigorating beneficial vascular exercise of the legs first plunging in hot water at 34 degrees and then in cold water at 12° degrees ideal after a day off skiing, hiking and biking.

Docce Emozionali


Tropical Hot Shower flavored temperature 38°
Cold Rain flavored temperature 12°



Saltsauna with Pink Himalayan Salts backlit with chromotherapy 50°

Bagno Turco

Steam Room

Steam Room with chromotherapy and aromatherapy 45 °

Sauna Finlandese

Finnish Sauna

Finnish Sauna temperature 90°



2 Massage and Treatments Cabins: Face and Body-Savonage, Scrub and Mud

Area Relax

Relaxation Lounge

Relaxation Lounge and Vital Bar

Area Estetica


1 Beauty Cabin

Useful Informations:

Customers are invited to observe the relaxation and the mutual silence required the use of saunas and spa pools. In case of chaos and confusion, the Centre reserves the right to set in maintaining the regulation asked for the interest of all. Guests are advised to adhere to their shift schedule. And forbidden to bring in room phones and cameras. The use of the headset, the antifungal wash and shower at the entrance are required.
It is not recommended to enter the sauna and steam room in slippers.
It is recommended not to commit the chaise-longue with towels and robes for a free use of relaxation longue at the end of experience.
Guests are recommended to keep the volume low voice in public areas.
Management is not responsible for lost items.
The Wellness Program is not recommended for pregnant women.
The children, who rightly love to play with water, don’t indeed match with those who want to enjoy the spa as an oasis of peace and tranquility. For this reason, children under the age of 16 may exceptionally access the pool in the morning and up to 16.00 and must be accompanied by a parent.
It is not recommended to enter the sauna and steam room in slippers.

For informations or reservations of the treatments you can apply directly to the Spa Reception or contact us directly dialing up 239. We recommend If you would like to have a treatment during your stay, we strongly advise that you book that in advance to help us better meet your needs, time and type of treatment. Cancellations are unexpected and unpleasant for everyone.

For cancellations of appointments with less than 24 hours, it will be charged the full cost of treatment. Please inform the therapist about particular concerns or issues (allergies, special voltages, mums-to be ...) that could interfere with the performance of the treatment.
Remove all jewellery, watches and contact lenses before entering the spa

Avoid the spa if you have a heart disorder, abnormal blood pressure or an easily aggravated skin complaint.
To make the most of all the time of your treatment you should present 10 minutes before the preset. A hot shower prepares the skin optimally to treatment.
It is good to avoid shave or wax just before a treatment. It is recommended to allow at least one hour after initiation of treatment. Avoid exposure to the sun immediately after exfoliating, wax and facial treatments.
* Booking required for Saturday Spa Session.

We are open from December to October (except in May for regular upkeep of the center)
Summer opening times and days:
from Monday to Sunday from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 20.00

Spa Session + Fitness Room 2 hours € 25,00 ( From Monday to Sunday)
Children from 0 to 6 years old get in for free, from 7 to15 years entry fee € 15,00. It always requires accompanying parent.
Package Afternoon Spa Session 15pm-20pm € 35,00
Package Spa Session & Lunch or Dinner € 40,00
Package 5 Spa Accesses (to be used within 1 month) € 100,00
Package 10 Spa Accesses (to be used within 2 months) € 200,00
Individual Summer Pass from June to September € 300,00 (2 entries per week x 4 months)
Individual Winter Pass combined with the Ovindoli Monte Magnola ski-pass € 250.00 (2 accesses per week from December to March)

Towels, robes and slippers and the use of the Fitness Room - 2 Runners, 1 elliptical, 1 horizontal and 1 Bike Total Body Equipment Panatta are included in the cost of a spa session